Will You Give God 30 Days?

I am so excited about what God wants to do in YOUR life.  Right now, His eyes are searching throughout all the earth, looking for someone who is ready to be used in a mighty way.  

Every revival began with 1 person -- why not you? Why not now?

If you're ready to take the 7-Step Journey to Unleash the Power of God in your life, come lock arms with me.  Let's believe God to do greater things!

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You Will NEVER Be The Same Again!

YOU Can Become Power-Packed

I'm going to walk you, day by day, through the lessons God revealed as He invited me to move onward from being a sincere but powerless Christian....to one who walks in the power of God.

Do You Ever Wonder:

* Does God hear me when I pray?  
* Do my prayers change anything?
* How can I be sure I'm accurately hearing Him...and not listening to my own mind?
* Why is it that sometimes when I pray, things actually seem to get worse?
* I've prayed every prayer I can think of, but my situation isn't changing -- am I doing something wrong?

If so, this 30 Day class is for you!

You'll Learn Exactly How To:

*  Hear from God accurately.

* Discover the steps to remove hindrances to answered prayers.

* Break free from the guilt, shame and fear that prevent you from praying boldly and with confidence. * Slam the door in the devil's face --and prevent him from wreaking further havoc on your family!

* Cultivate God's power within and upon your life.

Begin to walk in a level of spiritual authority you may never even thought possible.

* Understand the different types of prayer and what the role of each is.

What Prior Students Are Saying...

"Taking this class was truly the launching pad for a spectacular season of ministry reaching millions of children for Christ in Malawi.  This is an anointed class!"  - Laurette Hoagland

"Your teachings have truly been monumental in transforming me into the vessel God has called me to be.  I can't put into words how grateful I am that I followed God's path to these classes!"  - Dr. Kristin Jacobsen

"Today's call was beyond GREAT!  My heart resonated with so much.  I need to listen to the replay several more times.  Fresh insight and revelation have been flowing ever since.  My spirit is burning with fresh clarity and release to move out in the God-given passions of my heart." - Linda Burns

"Love love love!!! So much clarity on past and present circumstances. Even blessed me with a new prayer language!! Gave me direction in what to ask for and what to expect from The Father. Thanks a million" - Kristen Robert

Wow, wow, wow.  Confession and repentance flowing the last two days. Powerful teleseminar today! I am in the fasting zone. I am filled with joy and creativity to address my circumstances. I am on an adventure and cannot wait to see the fruit from this! Thanks Donna, You were definitely destined to lead me to this place." - Gayle Whittum

Hear My Heart for YOU

I recorded this short video to share my vision for what God wants to do through this 30 day adventure. Many are calling it the most powerful experience of their Christian lives. The video references a June 1st start date; the class is now ongoing and available to all.)